5000$ FURY

Follow the daily clues & collect secret codes to enter a draw for a chance to be whitelisted & get $FURY ahead of others!
20 winners share a 5000 $FURY allocation pool.
Campaign starts on the 11th and ends on the 18th of April 12 AM UTC

Treasure hunt rules

Event rules


The Treasure Hunt is taking place on GLEAM, so you have to record your codes & complete tasks using your GLEAM account. When the Treasure Hunt is over, all participants, who recorded their answers on GLEAM, will enter the final draw for a chance to be whitelisted and share 5000 $FURY allocation (250 $FURY each).
20 winners will be chosen from the final list. Players with more scored points during the Treasure Hunt will have increased odds of winning.


The campaign starts on the 11th and ends on the 18th of April.
Each day new clue is revealed to find the secret code required on Gleam.
The Treasure Hunt will last for 7 days and will have 7 different clues & tasks to obtain 7 codes.


Once the Treasure Hunt is over (18th April 12AM UTC), we will review all the answers on Gleam and randomly pick 20 winners from people who scored the most points.


5000$ FURY whitelist. Tokens will be allocated between 20 winners (250 tokens each).


Whitelisted winners will receive their tokens on the IDO day, within the rules of public round vesting (250 tokens). The price for the allocated tokens (1 $FURY token = $0.25) must be paid upfront. Before entering the event, every contestant must understand that they are winning the allocation and will still have to pay for $FURY tokens.


All the tokens allocated through Whitelist will be vested following the IDO vesting schedule. TGE: 20% and then 16% on months 4, 7, 10, 13, 16.